The “death” of Flash and the birth of CypherPoker

I've been reading and hearing about the imminent demise of Adobe's Flash technology for well over a decade now. In among this hullabaloo , and well within his [...]

9 reasons JavaScript must die, and soon

This is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to Curtis Franklin Jr.'s InformationWeek article, "9 Reasons Flash Must Die, and Soon". I've employed his [...]

Better MovieClips with SwAG

MovieClips have been the stalwart workhorse of Flash since the very earliest days of ActionScript, so I'll skip the details and gushing adoration and instead [...]

Broadcasting with SocialCastr

SocialCastr is, in a nutshell, a censorship-resistant, peer to peer, personal broadcasting system. You can grab yourself a compiled copy [...]

SwAG ActionScript toolkit: more application, less headache

Yeah,  application frameworks are a dime a dozen these days. That's why SwAG isn't a framework but rather a toolkit -- the Swiss Army Gear toolkit for [...]

Araknid – crawl and archive the web (source code included)

I imagine that this application would benefit from a little TorAS integration but in the meantime it's still pretty useful [downloads are at the bottom of [...]

TorAS for AIR: ActionScript + HTTPS (TLS/SSL) + Tor

This TorAS thing is going to be a lengthy project -- there's still lots left to implement and older code to one day upgrade -- but I received some great [...]