The Commit: Still workin’

It's been an unusually busy week so I'm not quite ready to commit changes this week but I'm nearly finished the global/game update functionality which will [...]

The Commit: Ethereum client connection settings

With this week's commit CypherPoker can now be configured to use different Ethereum client address and port settings which is important when the game client is [...]

The Commit: v2.0a cleaned up and commented

Normally it takes at most a day to comment and cleanup code but this version, with all of its new additions and revisions, took nearly a week. I guess that's a [...]

CypherPoker 2017

Well that was quick! It seems like I barely had a chance to blink before Christmas trees were staring me in the face and now the year's done. Just as well, [...]

CypherPoker v2.0, update 5

Guess what ... CypherPoker v2.0 isn't going to be ready by the end of November. I was feeling pretty good with the pace of my progress with the last two [...]

CypherPoker v2.0, update 2

Hair has been pulled, nails have been bitten, and tears have been shed - but the next CypherPoker update is now live! You can find the latest, albeit [...]

The “death” of Flash and the birth of CypherPoker

I've been reading and hearing about the imminent demise of Adobe's Flash technology for well over a decade now. In among this hullabaloo , and well within his [...]

CypherPoker v2.0, update 1

I'm happy to announce that the first phase of CypherPoker v2.0 updates, namely multi-key/multi-round encryption, has been implemented in the core game [...]

Playing CypherPoker on the internet

I've been mentioning it as a feature since the early days, and now that CypherPoker has gotten a little more attention people are starting to ask how [...]

Better MovieClips with SwAG

MovieClips have been the stalwart workhorse of Flash since the very earliest days of ActionScript, so I'll skip the details and gushing adoration and instead [...]