The Commit: Blinds timer options

This week's commit includes changes to the blinds timer: it is now customizable (you can set your own time), and optional (you can disable it altogether). This change comes from a request which I would like to encourage more of as I move toward finishing up v2.1 alpha. If I can't fit the changes into this version then at least I can queue them up for a [...]

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Research shows majority of Tor Exit Nodes located in central Europe

A revealing breakdown of known Tor Exit Node locations by [...]

ActionScript for recursive file searches in AIR

The following is a sample usage of the FileFinder class I developed for an ongoing project. You'll find the source code below the usage samples. It's pretty generic and has [...]

When Fiddler’s HTTPS capture goes kaput

 The web debugging proxy Fiddler is a terrific tool. On top of being über useful in capturing all of the web traffic coming in and out of your computer, it can also be [...]