CypherPoker 2017

Well that was quick! It seems like I barely had a chance to blink before Christmas trees were staring me in the face and now the year's done. Just as well, I suppose; looking back is useful but looking forward is way more interesting. And with the progress I've been making on CypherPoker there's quite a bit to look forward to! As I mentioned in a [...]

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SwAG ActionScript toolkit: more application, less headache

Yeah,  application frameworks are a dime a dozen these days. That's why SwAG isn't a framework but rather a toolkit -- the Swiss Army Gear toolkit for ActionScript 3, to be [...]

WRASE – Windows Registry ActionScript Editing (for AIR)

They said it couldn't be done. They called me insane. Okay, no one actually called me insane, but that's besides the point because it is definitely possible to edit the [...]

Araknid – crawl and archive the web (source code included)

I imagine that this application would benefit from a little TorAS integration but in the meantime it's still pretty useful [downloads are at the bottom of this [...]

TorAS for AIR: ActionScript + HTTPS (TLS/SSL) + Tor

This TorAS thing is going to be a lengthy project -- there's still lots left to implement and older code to one day upgrade -- but I received some great feedback about the [...]

Research shows majority of Tor Exit Nodes located in central Europe

A revealing breakdown of known Tor Exit Node locations by [...]

ActionScript for recursive file searches in AIR

The following is a sample usage of the FileFinder class I developed for an ongoing project. You'll find the source code below the usage samples. It's pretty generic and has [...]

When Fiddler’s HTTPS capture goes kaput

 The web debugging proxy Fiddler is a terrific tool. On top of being über useful in capturing all of the web traffic coming in and out of your computer, it can also be [...]