The Commit: web version export complete

I'm a little under the weather this week so I'm going to keep this update short but the web export of CypherPoker has been completed along with some upfront testing. There are a few minor bugs having to do with the Ethereum integration but these shouldn't be a major impediment considering that the bulk of the functionality works as expected. It's [...]

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SVNLiveSearch: Searching remote SubVersion repositories the easy way

When I had to find a file in a remote SVN repository the other day I figured there had to be something a little easier than either downloading the entire repository and [...]

Better MovieClips with SwAG

MovieClips have been the stalwart workhorse of Flash since the very earliest days of ActionScript, so I'll skip the details and gushing adoration and instead move on to some [...]

Broadcasting with SocialCastr

SocialCastr is, in a nutshell, a censorship-resistant, peer to peer, personal broadcasting system. You can grab yourself a compiled copy [...]

Node-RED and Windows, the easy way

Node-RED in a Nutshell Roughly a year ago the folks at IBM Emerging Technology started work on Node-RED, a solution to the problem of a lack of "tools that make it easier [...]

TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed miserably

Problem When the ActionScript VM gets it wrong, sometimes it gets it really wrong. Makes you wanna drink. Take the following runtime error: TypeError: Error #1034: Type [...]

Why you shouldn’t trust HTTPS

Capitalizing on the fear of near-daily revelations of data breaches and widespread government surveillance, companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are implementing [...]

State of HTML5

I admit to having more than a soft spot for Adobe's technology, but that's not why I was so peeved when Steve Jobs made his much ballyhooed announcement that Flash on mobile [...]

Peer to Peer networking with RTMFP and SwAG

I want to jump right into this topic because it's neat and interesting and fun, but there are a couple of things we need to set up first. Sorry. But I promise it's not [...]

Decoupled or source-optional events with SwAG

First of all, SwAG isn't for everything. There are many things that Adobe and other excellent developers have done that I don't think needs any improving. Standard [...]

SwAG ActionScript toolkit: more application, less headache

Yeah,  application frameworks are a dime a dozen these days. That's why SwAG isn't a framework but rather a toolkit -- the Swiss Army Gear toolkit for ActionScript 3, to be [...]