CypherPoker v2.0, update 4

In hindsight it's obvious that my mid-month ETA for v2.0 was just too optimistic. At this point I think we're still looking at at least a few weeks more (end of November?), to finish up. Forward momentum continues, however, and there's a whack of new functionality that you can find on the GitHub repository. Interestingly, during the period between [...]

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The future of online poker

I joined Cryptologic in early 2013, about a year after it was acquired by Amaya. I'd worked in the online gaming industry for a number of years prior to this and I'm [...]

Setting up a CypherPoker rendezvous server

I while ago I put together a video demonstrating how to compile CypherPoker to play over the internet (rather than just LAN/Wireless LAN). Since then the software has been [...]

Do you enjoy watching paint dry?

Then you may like watching me code CypherPoker at Experience hours of thrilling DEBUGGING! Feel the terror of [...]

CypherPoker security redux

A group of security researchers recently announced that they had found a serious flaw in the Diffie-Hellman key exchange (the initial "handshake" portion of a HTTPS/SSL [...]

Playing CypherPoker on the internet

I've been mentioning it as a feature since the early days, and now that CypherPoker has gotten a little more attention people are starting to ask how it can be made to [...]

CypherPoker security

A few people have asked me how secure CypherPoker is, and my reply is usually something along the lines of "that's a tricky answer". The problem I have in explaining is [...]

I did the thing

It was me. I did the CypherPoker. Don't worry if you've never heard of it. Unless you're not part of the humble 23-member CypherPoker subreddit or one of the 6 interested [...]

9 reasons JavaScript must die, and soon

This is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to Curtis Franklin Jr.'s InformationWeek article, "9 Reasons Flash Must Die, and Soon". I've employed his article almost [...]

The pitfalls of “encrypt everything”

As I was re-reading an earlier post about HTTPS I remembered one other point I wanted to make about encrypted web sessions: they're not always necessary and may even be [...]

SVNLiveSearch: Searching remote SubVersion repositories the easy way

When I had to find a file in a remote SVN repository the other day I figured there had to be something a little easier than either downloading the entire repository and [...]