CypherPoker 2017

Well that was quick! It seems like I barely had a chance to blink before Christmas trees were staring me in the face and now the year's done. Just as well, I suppose; looking back is useful but looking forward is way more interesting. And with the progress I've been making on CypherPoker there's quite a bit to look forward to! As I mentioned in a [...]

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CypherPoker+Ethereum FTW!

As I write this the Ethereum "Homestead" hard fork event has just passed and I can think of no better time to announce that the proof-of-concept integration between [...]

Recap 2015

This past year was certainly exciting for Sarah and me. Although she wasn't involved in the direct development of the project, she regularly allowed me to bounce ideas and [...]

The future of online poker

I joined Cryptologic in early 2013, about a year after it was acquired by Amaya. I'd worked in the online gaming industry for a number of years prior to this and I'm [...]

Setting up a CypherPoker rendezvous server

I while ago I put together a video demonstrating how to compile CypherPoker to play over the internet (rather than just LAN/Wireless LAN). Since then the software has been [...]

Do you enjoy watching paint dry?

Then you may like watching me code CypherPoker at Experience hours of thrilling DEBUGGING! Feel the terror of [...]

CypherPoker security redux

A group of security researchers recently announced that they had found a serious flaw in the Diffie-Hellman key exchange (the initial "handshake" portion of a HTTPS/SSL [...]

Playing CypherPoker on the internet

I've been mentioning it as a feature since the early days, and now that CypherPoker has gotten a little more attention people are starting to ask how it can be made to [...]

CypherPoker security

A few people have asked me how secure CypherPoker is, and my reply is usually something along the lines of "that's a tricky answer". The problem I have in explaining is [...]

I did the thing

It was me. I did the CypherPoker. Don't worry if you've never heard of it. Unless you're not part of the humble 23-member CypherPoker subreddit or one of the 6 interested [...]

9 reasons JavaScript must die, and soon

This is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to Curtis Franklin Jr.'s InformationWeek article, "9 Reasons Flash Must Die, and Soon". I've employed his article almost [...]