SVNLiveSearch: Searching remote SubVersion repositories the easy way

When I had to find a file in a remote SVN repository the other day I figured there had to be something a little easier than either downloading the entire repository and searching for the file locally, or using a convoluted command to grab the entire list of files. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything.

So I wrote this Adobe AIR thing:


For now the utility is very simple but I’m sure I’ll be adding more options as I need them. I kept the thing running for four days straight during my last bit of testing so I’m feeling pretty good about its reliability so far.

I’m planning to create a standalone Windows installer out of some future version so if you find this software useful and have suggestions on how to improve it I’d love to hear from you – please leave a comment below.

P.S. Thanks for another mention, Adobe. You’re starting to make me blush.

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