Running CypherPoker 2.0a on Ropsten “revival”

Step 1. Download and install CypherPoker:

Step 2. Run the software.

Step 3. Open the bottom panel by clicking on the tab.

Step 4. Select Ropsten Testnet from the “Network:” selector.

Step 5. Click on the Enable Ethereum button.

Step 6. Select Yes when asked if you want to download and install the Ethereum client.

The status indicator beneath the Enable Ethereum button will notify you of the download and installation progress.

Step 7. Once installed the client will begin to synchronize with the Ethereum Ropsten “revival” blockchain. Synchronizing from scratch can take some time.

Step 8. Create a new Ethereum account by clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT button in the account manager widget near the top of the panel.

Step 9. Enter a password for the new account and click OKAY. The new account will be created…

… and will appear in the account selector. The account balance, in Ether, appears directly below the selected account. You can create as many accounts as you like.

Step 10. Ensure that the selected account’s password has been correctly set by clicking on the UPDATE ACCOUNT button.
This is also a convenient way to copy the account address.

Step 11. Get some Ether.

You can get some by pasting your address into a faucet such as:

You can also try requesting some Ether on the Ropsten “revival” gitter:

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can also try mining for Ether:

If all else fails, leave a comment on this post with your Ropsten account and I’ll send you some Ether if I have some.

In addition to the balance field below the account selector you can check your account’s balance using online tools such as:

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you get at least 2 Ether so that you can use 1 for the buy-in and the rest for fees.

Step 12. Watch the status beneath the Enable Ethereum / Disable Ethereum button; when it’s at 100% it will change to “Sync waiting for block data…”, which means you’re ready to play.

Step 13. Connect to the peer-to-peer network by selecting “RTMFP on Internet” and clicking on the toggle button. The number of currently connected peers/players (including you), will appear to the right. 

Step 14. Close the bottom panel by clicking on the tab icon at the top.

Step 15. Click on the CREATE NEW TABLE button on the main screen.

Step 16. Ensure that Contract game is selected in the new table interface. (If you play For-fun, Ethereum and smart contracts won’t be used).

Step 17. Select any smart contract from the selector. Note that there’s currently no indicator if a smart contract is currently in use so if one doesn’t work just try another.

Step 18. Enter the Buy-in, Big blind, and Small blind amounts for the table in the bottom entry fields. Make sure that your account has enough for both the buy-in and any fees that are incurred during the game!

Step 19. When you create the table you will be returned to the main screen with the new table details in a large button in a list on the left. Click on the newly-created table button.

Step 20. In the expanded table view you can verify that all of the details are correct. Click the JOIN TABLE button to join the table and wait for your opponent to join. Only one of you needs to create a table – it will automatically appear on the opponent’s table list from which they can join.

Step 21. When the game begins you will see the disabled game interface. While you’re waiting for the hand to be set up you can open the right panel by clicking the tab button.

Here you can watch the game log as it progresses. Turn on Scroll lock to automatically scroll the log, otherwise use your mouse wheel to scroll through it.

Step 21. Close the right panel when you want to return to the game.

Step 22. Once the cards have been dealt and it’s your turn to bet the appropriate interface buttons will be enabled. The amount spinner at the bottom can be used to change how much you increase or decrease the bet amount by.
Click on the INCREASE BET or DECREASE BET button to increase or decrease your bet amount – displayed on the left side of the interface.
When you’re ready to commit the bet, click PLACE BET. You can also FOLD.

Step 23. Currently players may choose to quit the game between hands. A dialog will prompt you when appropriate.

A final note: because the Ethereum blockchain processes smart contract game actions more slowly than the CypherPoker game client, you will be warned if you try to quit before a contract has been resolved.

  1. W00t! This looks wonderful, can’t wait to check it out.

    A small gripe — please make increasing blinds OPTIONAL. This is more of a heads up sit-n-go feature. Heads up sit-n-gos are pretty much solved once they reach the push/fold stage… and often players play super tight until then. Not a whole lot of fun. If I were to play for real Ethereum I’d want to play heads up cash with the same blinds the whole time.

    Thanks again for your work on this!

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