Privacy / Surveillance

The pitfalls of “encrypt everything”

As I was re-reading an earlier post about HTTPS I remembered one other point I wanted to make about encrypted web sessions: they're not always necessary and [...]

Broadcasting with SocialCastr

SocialCastr is, in a nutshell, a censorship-resistant, peer to peer, personal broadcasting system. You can grab yourself a compiled copy [...]

Why you shouldn’t trust HTTPS

Capitalizing on the fear of near-daily revelations of data breaches and widespread government surveillance, companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are [...]

TorAS for AIR: ActionScript + HTTPS (TLS/SSL) + Tor

This TorAS thing is going to be a lengthy project -- there's still lots left to implement and older code to one day upgrade -- but I received some great [...]

Research shows majority of Tor Exit Nodes located in central Europe

A revealing breakdown of known Tor Exit Node locations by [...]