Author: patrickb

The Commit: web version export complete

I'm a little under the weather this week so I'm going to keep this update short but the web export of CypherPoker has been completed along with some upfront [...]

The Commit: New updater

I'd initially intended to make the new updater functionality for CypherPoker very generic, a one-solution-fits-all approach, but after a few attempts I [...]

The Commit: Still workin’

It's been an unusually busy week so I'm not quite ready to commit changes this week but I'm nearly finished the global/game update functionality which will [...]

The Commit: Ethereum client connection settings

With this week's commit CypherPoker can now be configured to use different Ethereum client address and port settings which is important when the game client is [...]

The Commit: Blinds timer options

This week's commit includes changes to the blinds timer: it is now customizable (you can set your own time), and optional (you can disable it [...]

The Commit: v2.1a begins

Work has started on v2.1a with the closure of issue 17. The game client now checks for Ethereum activation, valid account selection with matching password [...]

The Commit: v2.0a cleaned up and commented

Normally it takes at most a day to comment and cleanup code but this version, with all of its new additions and revisions, took nearly a week. I guess that's a [...]

Running CypherPoker 2.0a on Ropsten “revival”

Step 1. Download and install CypherPoker: Step 2. Run the software. Step 3. Open the [...]

CypherPoker v2.0 alpha has arrived!

Over the past two and a half years I thought a lot about what I would write when CypherPoker finally achieved its fledgling MVP or Minimum Viable Product [...]

CypherPoker 2017

Well that was quick! It seems like I barely had a chance to blink before Christmas trees were staring me in the face and now the year's done. Just as well, [...]