CypherPoker v2.0, update 4

In hindsight it's obvious that my mid-month ETA for v2.0 was just too optimistic. At this point I think we're still looking at at least a few weeks more (end of November?), to finish up. Forward momentum continues, however, and there's a whack of new functionality that you can find on the GitHub repository. Interestingly, during the period between [...]

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CypherPoker v2.0, update 3

With a number of new challenges springing up it's looking like that early October completion date for CypherPoker might be a bit optimistic. This is especially true when [...]

CypherPoker v2.0, update 2

Hair has been pulled, nails have been bitten, and tears have been shed - but the next CypherPoker update is now live! You can find the latest, albeit still somewhat [...]

The “death” of Flash and the birth of CypherPoker

I've been reading and hearing about the imminent demise of Adobe's Flash technology for well over a decade now. In among this hullabaloo , and well within his "reality [...]

CypherPoker v2.0, update 1

I'm happy to announce that the first phase of CypherPoker v2.0 updates, namely multi-key/multi-round encryption, has been implemented in the core game code and submitted to [...]

CypherPoker v2.0, here we come!

After lots of pondering, prodding, and poking I'm finally ready to move forward on CypherPoker. With this next version we will see a complete product, ready for wagering [...]

Changing the default gas amount in Browser Solidity

While I was working on the Solidity abitrary-length integer math library, the admittedly hefty contract suddenly stopped working when being published to the local Web3 [...]

A pictorial demonstration of CypherPoker cryptography

A commenter on my last post mentioned that although the explanation of CypherPoker's cryptography was accessible it was altogether too long; a five-year-old's attention span [...]

Explain CypherPoker encryption like I’m 5

I've recently had the opportunity to run over this topic with someone who I'm quite certain isn't 5, mentally or otherwise, so the title isn't meant pejoratively but rather as [...]

CypherPoker+Ethereum FTW!

As I write this the Ethereum "Homestead" hard fork event has just passed and I can think of no better time to announce that the proof-of-concept integration between [...]

Recap 2015

This past year was certainly exciting for Sarah and me. Although she wasn't involved in the direct development of the project, she regularly allowed me to bounce ideas and [...]