The Commit: web version export complete

I'm a little under the weather this week so I'm going to keep this update short but the web export of CypherPoker has been completed along with some upfront testing. There are a few minor bugs having to do with the Ethereum integration but these shouldn't be a major impediment considering that the bulk of the functionality works as expected. It's [...]

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The Commit: New updater

I'd initially intended to make the new updater functionality for CypherPoker very generic, a one-solution-fits-all approach, but after a few attempts I decided to drop the [...]

The Commit: Still workin’

It's been an unusually busy week so I'm not quite ready to commit changes this week but I'm nearly finished the global/game update functionality which will allow [...]

The Commit: Ethereum client connection settings

With this week's commit CypherPoker can now be configured to use different Ethereum client address and port settings which is important when the game client is not launching [...]

The Commit: Blinds timer options

This week's commit includes changes to the blinds timer: it is now customizable (you can set your own time), and optional (you can disable it altogether). This change comes [...]

The Commit: v2.1a begins

Work has started on v2.1a with the closure of issue 17. The game client now checks for Ethereum activation, valid account selection with matching password entry, and a [...]

The Commit: v2.0a cleaned up and commented

Normally it takes at most a day to comment and cleanup code but this version, with all of its new additions and revisions, took nearly a week. I guess that's a lesson for me [...]

Running CypherPoker 2.0a on Ropsten “revival”

Step 1. Download and install CypherPoker: Step 2. Run the software. Step 3. Open the bottom panel by [...]

CypherPoker v2.0 alpha has arrived!

Over the past two and a half years I thought a lot about what I would write when CypherPoker finally achieved its fledgling MVP or Minimum Viable Product stage. I knew it [...]

CypherPoker 2017

Well that was quick! It seems like I barely had a chance to blink before Christmas trees were staring me in the face and now the year's done. Just as well, I suppose; [...]

CypherPoker v2.0, update 5

Guess what ... CypherPoker v2.0 isn't going to be ready by the end of November. I was feeling pretty good with the pace of my progress with the last two posts and then came [...]